Yellowfin Tuna

One of the most common fish for Venice, LA Fishing is the yellowfin tuna. It can be caught all year-round, no matter what the season! The majority of the fish can be caught around the marina, but sometimes, in the best seasons, you can head outside the marina a few miles. When fishing for yellowfin tuna, the key to success is to use a variety of fishing techniques, including:

· Trolling

· Chunking

· Live bait

The best months for yellowfin Venice, LA Fishing are February, March, September, and October, where you can find some of the biggest yellowfin tuna of the season!



Another big time Venice, LA Fishing prize are wahoo fish. Wahoo can also be caught year-round, but are a little trickier to catch, so it is best to fish with a professional at your side. Wahoo is built like torpedoes and can swim exceptionally fast in the water, and fight the hook as hard as they can. However, you may consider them as high-end, high-quality meat, which makes them worth the extra work! The best time to find the biggest wahoo are February and March, but they can still be found all year-round.




Mahi-Mahi is one of the most famous fish and is widely loved all around the world. One of the greatest spots that you can find and catch this prized fish is Venice, Louisiana. Mahi-Mahi, also known as Dorado fish, or Dolphin fish, are strong and can take lots of effort and strength to catch. They are beautifully colored, and can often appear to light up when seen in the darker dusk hours. The most common method of catching Mahi-Mahi is trolling, which can be taught to you by masters if you are not accustomed to the technique.



Blue Marlin

Marlin fish are some of the most common and fish in the world, but Blue Marlin are by far the fastest and biggest in the Atlantic Marlin fish family. Because these fish are migratory, their patterns of movement can be very predictable. One of the best places for Blue Marlin is the Venice, LA Fishing scene during the warmer summer months. Because these fish are so powerful and have a very dangerous spear-like upper jaw, it is commendable that you catch these fish with an expert or professional on board with you.



Visit Venice, Louisiana for the Best Fishing!

Captain Troy Wetzel is one of the most famous fishermen in the Venice, LA fishing area. His expertise and knowledge are invaluable to anyone looking to get into fishing, and even for those who are more experienced with fishing.